Isn’t it always a bit hard to know where to start when asked to describe yourself? I am a mom and step-mom (5 adult kids, blended, cross-cultural family), and a grandmother! I am a sea kayaker, sailor, foodie, cook, musician and artist. I am addicted to reading.  I love my husband madly, and feel grateful for him every day. I am trying to learn to be a good home gardener, but that is proving something of a stretch for me!

I am a TCK (Third Culture Kid), which means that I grew up in various countries all around the world, “returning” to live in my parent’s passport country (the US) as a late teenager. As a TCK, I have a deep appreciation for the amazing variety of ways people across cultures seek to create family, meaning, relationship, and joy in their lives— and the unique obstacles to trying to do that in an ever-shifting global community.

Before returning to my first love —helping people to live more energized, connected, joyful lives by bringing them the best tools available today in individual, marriage, and family therapy— I spent 23 years in high tech and healthcare, managing enormous technical projects all over the country. My commute vehicle was an airplane, and I spent as much time in executive suites as in the trenches rolling up my sleeves to get the real work done. All while raising a family!

I have done hundreds of hours of classroom teaching, pitching proposals, developing business processes that actually work, and mentoring developing superstars.  I was honored to have helped many large-scale technical ideas get out of the concept stage and applied in the real world,  but I missed the intimacy —the heart-to-heart connection— of solving problems on a more human scale.  I returned to psychology, and applied what I had learned in the fast paced world of high tech and health care to learning all that I could about the various problems in living and obstacles to sustained happiness people experience today.

Completing my Masters in Counseling Psychology at University of San Francisco I was awestruck by how much had changed.  We know so much more today about how to help heal people’s hurts, how to overcome organic imbalances, how to create sustainable happiness, and how to have healthy, thriving families and relationships!

As I dove into the work of providing therapy, I feel like the luckiest person alive: I get to spend my days using what I know to help individuals, couples and parents fall in love again— with life, each other, and their children. What could be more awesome than that?

I hope you will give me a call; let me hear your story.  Together, let’s find a way that I can help.  It’s time.

Take good care,


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San Francisco Therapist, MA, MFT CA Lic# 94643


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