Helping Good People Have Great Relationships: Getting Back to Joy

 You are worn out, frightened that the conflicts will never get resolved- you are beginning to wonder if this relationship can be saved. You wonder how a person can act like that and still love you, never mind respect or admire you.

You long for the person you fell in love with, and barely recognize the person you are sharing a life with now.  You miss your best friend, the closeness, and the joy. It has been way too long since you kissed like you meant it, snuggled for the pure joy and comfort of it.

Or perhaps the two of you are struggling to move past a painful incident, a loss, or an infidelity. You feel stuck, and have almost lost trust and hope that things will ever be the same as they were before it happened. Sometimes you do lose hope.

Of course you have tried everything; but it is really hard to know what works, and what is just making it worse.   Nothing seems to be bringing you two back together. You are at the end of your rope.  Life is so fast paced and hectic today, and everybody has an opinion, be it your best friend, your mom, or your Pilates teacher! It can be really hard to carve out the time and space to sort through it all and find real and practical solutions to the tough stuff.

Stop beating your head against a wall. Please stop trying to solve this problem all by yourself, you don’t have to.  Why not give me a call at 650. 275. 2384, and tell me what is going on?   Let’s see if we can find some time to spend together where I can help you and your partner find a way through this. Relationship is important, and it just doesn’t have to be so hard!

Let me help the two of you fall back in love with each other, with your selves, with your lives together.   Not all relationships can work in the long haul, but yours at least deserves an experienced, trained, compassionate search for those little sparks that might be coaxed back to life, to joy. Call me; I want to hear your story.

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