It’s Time To Feel Better

You didn’t expect a bed of roses, but you didn’t think it was going to be this hard.  You aren’t a wimp, you aren’t stupid, but no matter what you try, things don’t seem to be getting better any time soon.  Sometimes you find yourself worried that you might never be happy, might never be free of the constant struggle, might never be in that great relationship everybody else finds so supportive, so comforting.

Some days you feel so stuck, so overwhelmed that you are not sure where your options have all gone to. You might feel you just don’t have a lot of choices left.  Maybe there are even days when getting out of bed seems pointless.

Or perhaps you are struggling to move past a painful incident, a loss, an illness, a failed relationship, or a difficult transition. You have almost lost hope that things will ever be the same as they were before it happened. Sometimes you do lose hope.

Ok, so maybe you were raised by wolves, but you are beginning to wonder: Isn’t there some way to get past that, to be happy, to feel like you belong, to feel at home in your own skin?

At times there are nights you lay awake hunting for the  volume switch on all that whirling negative self-talk in your head, the anxiety, the disappointment– so you could at least turn it down a notch, even for a little while – so you could get on with life. (Spoiler Alert:  There is that switch, I’ll show you how to use it.)

I know you know that being like this is really hard on your partner, your friends, your kids, and it is making a mess of things at work. And as a therapist,  I also know you can’t just “snap out of it”.  Please stop trying to solve this all by yourself. You don’t have to do this alone.  Why not give me a call at (650) 275-2384, and tell me what is going on?

Let’s see if spending some time together, I can help you get through this.  Together, we’ll see what is working and what isn’t, and find a way back to the excitement, the energy, and the joy.  It’s there,  we just need to find your particular path back. Call me; I want to hear your story. I want to help.

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