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therapist San Francisco

Question:  I know things aren’t working for me right now, but I don’t know if therapy would help.

Answer Not all issues can be helped by therapy, but many can.  One of the most difficult aspects of being in the painful place that you are right now is exactly this feeling: that there is no hope, nothing will help, it will never get better. I have had the honor and great joy of helping people back from that place into a productive, engaged, joyful life.

One of my clients told me, looking back, she could not understand why I kept working with her when things were so clearly hopeless. And yet, in her present self, she felt so much better, enjoyed her day-to-day so thoroughly, was so grateful for her life, that she almost couldn’t believe how bad her life had felt just a few months earlier. As if it had been a bad dream.

Current research shows that the most effective path towards recovery from loss, depression, anxiety and relationship troubles includes therapy.

Question:  I have been taking antidepressants (or anti-anxiety) medications for a while now. But I am still feeling pretty badly. Will therapy help?

Answer:  I believe in forming a strong therapeutic team with your health care provider, or psychiatrist. Working as a team towards your wellness we can bring you the best of current thought and research into how to bring you back to energy, joy, and excitement.

Working in coordination with your other care providers, let’s see where you are today in terms of severity of symptoms, and tailor a program that meets your needs and finds a path to wellness that works for you. But the long and short of it is: research  shows that for most people taking antidepressants (or antianxiety) medications, yes, therapy can help.

Question:   Do you work with children as well as adults?

Answer:  I do see children and teens ages 12-19, as well as my adult clients.  If we determine that your child younger than 12 needs therapy, I can recommend some excellent colleagues locally who can provide the help your child needs.

Question:   How long will therapy take?

Answer:   You are unique; you are the only person in the world with exactly your story. So it is hard to predict when you will start to feel better, and when you will feel so much better we both agree we have met our goals.   But the approach I use is respectful of both your time and your financial resources.  Much  like going to the  gym or your yoga class, new muscles, new flexibility takes some time and practice to make second nature and reliable. Some clients spend only 3-4 sessions with me, others have had regular weekly sessions for 4-5 months.   There is not a one-size-fits–all approach, I tailor our work together to your specific needs and issues, so you get the focused help you need, now.

Question:    I am a really, really busy person and there doesn’t seem to be enough time to breathe, never mind take time out for regular appointments.  How frequently would you need to see me?

Answer:  Therapy work is most effective when I see you once a week.    However, some of my clients find that as things start to get better, they can meet every other week as we taper off towards the end.

Question:    Can I bring my children to the sessions? It is really hard to find child care.

Answer:   I deeply regret that I am unable to arrange for childcare at my locations. I have found that trying to conduct therapy with the children in the room has not been effective. If this is the only way you would be able to get some help, please call me – I have a couple of referrals that provide childcare during therapy sessions.

Question:    What is my next step?

Answer:  Give me a call at (650) 275-2384, and let’s talk about what is going on. I want to hear your story. Let’s get started on making things better for you.    It’s time.